Reine i Lofoten!

In the western part of Lofoten, at the mouth of Reinefjord, lies the fishing village of Reine, where the majestic Lofoten peaks and the Artic Ocean are our next-door neighbours. In the summer you will enjoy the long days and the Midnight Sun and in the winter the short days with spectacular weather and the Northern Lights.




This map is designed to help you decide which means of transport is most suitable to your needs when planning your journey to Reine Rorbuer in the Lofoten Islands.


Ferry Bodø – Moskenes (5 km to Reine) / Air plain via Bodø to Leknes (60 km to Reine) / Car from Svolvær (130 km to Reine) / Hurtigruta from Stamsund (72 km to Reine). Car from Harstad / Narvik lufthavn Evene


Hurtigruten. www.hurtigruten.no. Tel 47- 81003030

Torghatten Nord. www.thn.no Tel 47-90620700


Car rental:

Sakrisøy Bilutleie. www.rentacar-moskenes.no Tel 47- 975 20 088.

Hertz,Leknes. Tel 47-76 081844



www.177nordland.no . Tel 757 72410




Reine in Lofoten


Reinebua til høyre

Gravdalsbukta Reine


Utsikten fra Reinebiringen

Slappe av på Reinebringen


Fisking i midnattsola

Lyst i nord


Nordlyset på Reine

Nordlys over Reine


Reine på vinteren

Reine vinter



The rorbu cabins at Valen are located on the shore in beautiful Reine i Lofoten. Th ecabins have recently been restored. They are comfortable and contain just about everything you will need. They were built around the turn of the last century and have housed many a fisherman over the years.



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